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Build With Passion | Official Webpage of John Henry

John Henry is a thorough-bred Entrepreneur. He sold his first company by 21, launched the well-known incubator Cofound Harlem, and currently invests as a VC.

JH is a Straight Up entrepreneur.

He left college to start his first company, an on-demand laundry service for Film and TV Productions, at 18. Within just two years, he grew the business from 0 to seven-figures and successfully sold the company by 21. Shortly afterwards he founded Cofound Harlem, the first tech incubator North of 96th street on a mission to incubate 100 companies in the neighborhood. Along the way he became a VC, investing in nearly a dozen companies to date. John also hosts eBay's co-branded podcast - Open For Business.

Aruba Tech Conference - Headline Keynote