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One Hour Session

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Why I'm Doing This

Hi guys,

Just a few days ago, an idea came to mind... an experiment of sorts. "Could I create a service that is both high-impact and highly-accessible for as many entrepreneurs as possible?" I wanted to create an offering that extended well beyond the value of a general piece of content. Instead, I wanted to create a touch-point with you in a way that was most likely to make a meaningful difference for your specific business or brand. So here it goes:

Introducing the "One Hour Session".

Simple... $100 for one hour of my time. In this hour, you can spend it establishing context for what you're doing, what your challenges are, and how you think I may be able to help. Full disclosure: I don't know about a lot of stuff. But I do know enough about the seed-stages of company and brand building to be helpful with many challenges that a new or first-time entrepreneur may be facing.

This is likely to be a super time-consuming experiment on my end so I am limiting these to the first 100 that order it, in hopes that I can finish all of the sessions before the summer is out. But I am deeply fascinated to see what comes of this.

Lastly! Many of you that know me (or know of me), know that I love creating and sharing content. So naturally, I'll be recording these sessions as a way to package the learnings and share them with as many people as possible.

Let's see where this takes us! Thank you all for reading and wanting to be a part of this experiment.


One Hour Session
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One Hour Session

One Hour Business Consulting Session

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